Advocacy: A Toolkit for Small NGOs

This toolkit, released with four other toolkits for small charities, was produced by INTRAC as part of the programme "Strengthening Small Organisations with Big Ambitions". This programme was funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through a Small Charities Challenge Fund (SCCF) Capacity Development Grant. Dowloadable PDF versions of all five toolkits are available on the INTRAC website here.

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About the author

Helen Collinson has worked in international development for thirty years, specialising in advocacy, policy research, and public campaigning. She was Head of Advocacy at Christian Aid 2002-05 and currently works part-time at Christian Aid as a Campaigns Strategy Lead, overseeing campaigns on climate change and tax justice. As an Independent Consultant in the other half of her week, she undertakes advocacy training, evaluations of advocacy programmes, scoping studies and applied policy research. She has been part of the INTRAC network since 2008, training civil society in advocacy skills in Armenia, Laos, Liberia, South Sudan, and Northern Ireland, amongst others. Since 2010 she has provided long-term advocacy strategy support to: women’s rights organisations in the Middle East, Palestinian human rights organisations, African and Latin American civil society organisations (CSOs) advocating in the oil sector, a bi-communal peace network in Cyprus, and a group of CSOs in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


This toolkit was designed based on the needs of the small charities that enrolled in the programme "Strengthening small organisations with Big Ambitions", and benefitted from feedback from some of them. Special thanks to Anup Raj Pokhrel (CARE Nepal) for letting us use a power and stakeholder analysis he developed.

  • Drawings by Bill Crooks

  • Graphic design by Andy Johnson

  • Programme coordination by Annalisa Addis

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